Questions About The Academy?
Questions About The Academy?

Introducing The Academy At Method Schools

At Method Schools, we believe every student deserves a learning experience that meets their needs. We already offer a unique, online learning experience and a seat-based sports academy with Dehesa Method Sports Academy (DMSA). We know that some families are looking for the academic competitive edge that a dual enrollment program offers. Many students also want time to explore career fields before college and beyond. The Academy at Methods Schools (The Academy) was created in partnership with the College of the Canyons with these families in mind. For families considering our dual enrollment (DE) program, here are 7 things to know:

1. Students take high school and college classes simultaneously

Students earn college credits while in high school, starting as early as 9th grade. Most colleges only allow dual enrollment starting in 11th grade. However, our partnership with College of the Canyons allows students to begin on a college and career pathway during their freshman year of high school. College courses are built into the student’s high school schedule and include only other high school students.

2. Students learn in small groups

College classes are typically large, making it easy for students to feel like just another number. Students enrolled in The Academy take college courses solely with other Method students.  This has many advantages as the students can form a learning community with their cohort. They will also experience small class sizes of about 10-20 students, allowing for a more direct relationship with the instructor and classmates.  

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3. Students will save thousands in tuition costs

Wow, we can save thousands? Yes! Dual enrollment programs are free to high school students. CSU tuition costs resident students approximately $6,000 per year.  UC College tuition is more than double that cost at $14,000 per year.  Academy students can take up to 24 college credits or the equivalent of three college semesters for free, at a savings of $10,000 - $20,000!  By getting prerequisites out of the way, Academy students will lower their student debt and accelerate the time it takes to earn a degree. 

4. Students will gain a competitive edge

The competitive edge comes in many forms. First, the average first-year GPA is higher for dual enrollment students. According to the Community College Research Center, dual enrollment students have an average first-year GPA of 2.97 compared to 2.42 for non-dual enrollment students. Also, Academy students are exposed to college skills, career paths, and workplace competencies so they begin to explore what interests them. Students who begin in 9th grade have the opportunity of graduating high school with up to 24 college credits.


5. All students receive personalized academic counseling

At The Academy at Method Schools, we understand that each student’s academic journey is unique. Our program includes personalized academic counseling to help students navigate their high school and college courses. Counselors work with students to develop a customized education plan that aligns with their career goals and interests, ensuring they are on track to achieve their academic objectives.

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6. Students benefit from real-world experiences

In addition to rigorous academic coursework, The Academy provides students with opportunities to engage in real-world experiences through voluntary internships, mentorship programs, and career exploration activities. These experiences help students apply their classroom knowledge in practical settings, build professional networks, and gain valuable insights into various career paths.

7. Students develop strong time management and study skills

Balancing high school and college coursework requires excellent time management and study skills. Academy students learn to prioritize their tasks, manage their time effectively, and develop study habits that will benefit them throughout their academic and professional lives. These skills not only help them succeed in their dual enrollment courses but also prepare them for the demands of college and beyond.



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