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Questions About The Academy?

5 Tips For Success In A Dual Enrollment Program

In 2019, I was an English teacher in a seat-based school that implemented a new dual enrollment (DE) program with College of the Canyons. This is the same college now in partnership with The Academy at Method Schools. As a supporting teacher, I saw first-hand the powerful impact of the dual enrollment program for high school students.


Dual enrollment programs allow students earn college credits, have a competitive edge, and save money. What’s more, they explore subjects of interest and gain skills for future careers. Taking college classes while in high school can seem intimidating at first. We set our students up for success at the Academy at Method Schools.

Here are 5 tips for dual enrollment success:

1. Stay Organized and Manage Your Time Effectively

Method students already know that online courses require self-discipline and time management. With the added dual enrollment college classes, staying organized is even more critical. You can use digital planners, calendars, or other apps to keep track of assignment deadlines, exam dates, and class schedules. You can also calendar online meeting times and due dates and set an alert 15 minutes before your online meeting starts. Finally, you should schedule times to study, practice, and review coursework.

2. Create a Dedicated Study Space

Create a comfortable space to work on your dual enrollment coursework or attend your live sessions (there are three each semester). The space should be quiet and free from distractions. Set your phone to silent and put it away during the scheduled meeting time so you can focus on your professor. Add any touches that will help you stay productive and present throughout the class and during study times. For instance, you might want a water bottle, a cool notebook and pens, and even snacks! 

3. Engage with your Professor and Classmates

As a high school student taking college-level classes, you must be in charge of your learning experience. Take the initiative and actively participate in online discussions. If you need clarification, don’t be afraid to speak up, either via email, in the chat during a live session or (horror of horrors!) speak out loud WITH YOUR CAMERA ON!!!!! Contact your instructor with specific questions on assignments or deadlines. Your professors are there to support you and help you succeed, but they won’t know you need help unless you take the initiative. Remember that you are part of a learning community. Make the best of your dual enrollment experience by interacting with your professor and classmates.  

4. Utilize Available Resources

Take time to familiarize yourself with the learning management system that the community college uses. If you have questions about how the platform works, do not hesitate to contact your instructor for additional help. Your professor may suggest other learning platforms or resources. Even if these are not required, you should use the resources to maximize your learning and help you succeed.

5. Set Goals and Stay Motivated

Remember that you have a support system at The Academy at Method Schools. Learning online can sometimes feel isolating. Stay motivated by talking to your homeroom teacher, counselor, and learning coach about your long-term goals. To reach your long-term goals, set smaller, more specific goals for each week, such as completing a certain number of assignments or studying for a set amount of time. You should also get involved in a club or ASB where you can connect with other students outside the classroom. Finally, celebrate your accomplishments and remind yourself of all the benefits of earning college credits while in high school.

Dual enrollment offers an exciting opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school. Follow these 5 tips to help navigate your learning journey and thrive at The Academy at Method Schools. 


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