Questions About The Academy?
Questions About The Academy?

Get Ahead, Save Thousands On College Tuition

At the Academy at Method Schools, we offer an outstanding dual enrollment program tailored specifically for high school students. This unique program combines high school and college education, enabling students to pursue their passions and prepare for the future. By participating in this program, students can save thousands of dollars in tuition costs, gaining a head start on college without the usual expenses associated with college enrollment.

For students who want to get the most out of their high school years

Our unique online approach to dual enrollment provides students the flexibility they need

"When I grew up, only juniors and seniors could take dual enrollment courses.  Even then, it wasn't the norm and most students were just interested in finishing high school.  We weren't really thinking about the next steps just yet."

Enabled by online learning and in partnership with the award-winning College of the Canyons located in Santa Clarita, The Academy at Method Schools provides support and opportunity for students to enroll in college as early as freshman year.  Students maximize their high school years to explore career options through CTE pathways and prepare for transfer to four-year universities through completion of general education college requirements.

High School and College Combined Seamlessly

Our high school academics are powered by top-of-the-line credentialed and highly qualified teachers who use SmartFox, our proprietary standards mastery-based curriculum built for teachers by teachers. 

College courses are taught online by college instructors from the College of the Canyons.  The Academy's unique approach means students have a trusted guide from enrollment to graduation. Academy students are enrolled in a series of courses curated by Method Academic staff to ensure transfer eligibility.  Academy students are taught by college instructors who have a history of success with both online instruction AND working with high school-aged students.  College course enrollment is open only to Academy students, so there are no adult college students in any Academy course. In addition to the Academy's college coursework, students are enrolled in Method Schools' WASC-accredited,  a-g, and NCAA-approved courses to complete their high school diploma requirements.

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High School
  • Small class sizes
  • Credentialed & highly qualified teachers
  • Student success managers
  • Home room teachers
  • Laptop provided
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  • Small class sizes
  • College instructors
  • Online modality
  • Full access to college services
  • Meet high school graduation requirements with transferable college courses
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  • 100% tuition-free online public high school & college
  • CTE pathways and UC/CSU transferable courses available
  • Explore careers & majors early
  • Get ahead of your peers by starting college as a 9th grader

Method Provides a Better Public School Experience


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Method seniors who enroll in college the year after high school

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Our teachers and staff are hardworking, inclusive, flexible, and active participants in a thriving online learning community.

Why choose The Academy at Method Schools?

Dual enrollment students are 22% more likely to enroll in college than their peers

The Academy at Method Schools provides students with a head start on their college education, often resulting in a smoother transition from high school to college. Students who participate in dual enrollment are more likely to enroll in college, tend to have higher college GPAs, and are more likely to complete their degrees on time.

  • 64% - Percentage of dual enrollment students who earn a college degree within six years, compared to 52% of non-dual enrollment students.

  • $1,100 - Amount saved by Academy students in community college tuition costs

  • $12,000 - Amount saved by Academy students in CSU transferable tuition

  • $30,000 - Amount saved by Academy students in UC transferable tuition.

  • 114,000 - number of California high school students enrolled in dual enrollment programs


Parents Trust Us

Over the years, we've been successful because we always put students first. We work hard to earn the trust of our students, their parents, and our other stakeholders.

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Method Student

In some public schools I have been to, out of the 6 hours of class time we would have 2 hours  working on work and the other 4 hours would be waiting. At Method, we get straight to the point and don't waste time. you can also work at your own speed. I do have a couple of people I have recommended to Method. Most of them have been interested.

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